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Need for Speed


Need for Speed

The video game Need for Speed brings adrenaline fueled fun to its players. To advertise its newest release, Payback, we created a series of interactive ads that brings out the competitiveness in gamers and non-gamers alike.


YouTube pre-rolls encourage users to skip the ad as fast as they can.


The next pre-roll ad they see on YouTube will show them exactly how fast they were, and whether or not they made the leaderboard.


Users can race against the ad using their keyboards, allowing them to skip the pre-roll faster.


On Snapchat, we'll encourage people to screenshot the ad before it disappears. If they catch five ads, they'll get demo access to Need for Speed Payback.

To further encourage the same competitiveness in the real world, we’ll use escalator ads with built in timers to measure the speed of commuters using the left side of the escalator, or as we like to call it ‘the fast lane’.


When they reach the top of the escalator, we’ll show them their timings, encouraging them to beat their time on their return commute.